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Global Leading Volunteers offer a range of placements where you can utilise skills from your everyday life to empower and connect local villages to positive opportunities. With the Sri Lankan community at the heart of what we do, your passion to help will unite and upskill locals to achieve goals such as paid employment and education.


Placements in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka we are offering two placement options: ‘Teaching, SEN & Youth work’ and ‘Practical Creative Therapies’.

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Placements in India

In India we are offering our Global Mental Health Education Retreat.

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Neil is a well known professional in Sri Lanka and around the world for his professional contribution of social and youth development work and for  his charitable work for many communities. He has over 20 years experience with working with both local and international agencies, government bodies, charitable organisations and is a well established professional of the National Youth Services Council in Sri Lanka which is the pioneer organisation for youth development in Sri Lanka. Not only is he the founder of SL Volunteers Association which has been operating for 10 years working for the enhancement of many communities in Sri Lanka, but he is also the founder of Global Leading Volunteers. Neil is usually found in the heart of communities discussing where and how our services can be used to benefit the community. 






Emily’s ideal of ‘Global Health means Global Wealth’ pushes Global Leading Volunteers to consistently question the value and ethics of our programs. Emily has previous front line experience working with CAMHs, Adult Mental Health Services and nonprofit organisations who specialise in supporting people with physical disabilities, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Autism. She is passionate, vibrant and true to her values. As someone who has volunteered around the world, both in the community and environmentally, she understands not only the anxieties and cautions volunteers can experience, but how important it is to respect the cultures of the communities in support.  Our commitment to go green has been driven by her love for the ocean - which when she is not working you can probably find her in.



Marketing Guru

Everything you see, from our website to our blogs is being powered by this mystical being Dave. Dave is an experienced designer who loves to bring his knowledge of other cultures into his work. Alongside his passion for travel, his desire to work on meaningful projects is what has made him a valuable asset to the Global Leading Volunteers team.


We recognise in the current climate it is not safe or practical to open our placements to the public.

However, that does not stop us wanting to help! Working with some brilliant professionals from across the world, we will be bringing you a series of unique interactive webinars and online experiences right to your fingertips!



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