When you think of India, you think of one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal or your mind drifts to the hustle and bustle of the Delhi streets, these are all included in the Golden Triangle of India, which is truly amazing – but there is so much more to India than that!

North India is bordered with the amazing sights of the world’s highest mountains, the Himalayas. In Southern India, the mountains are replaced with beautiful cliffs which are encompassed with golden sandy beaches, Varkala Beach is just breathtakingly beautiful. 

Being over 30,000 years old, India is one of the oldest countries in the World. It has historical architecture which stretches for miles at a time, the mesmorising stone structures will catch you gazing in awe of the art and culture carved temples. Badami is home to 126 incredible historical structures built inside caves and rock sides which date back to the 6th century!

If you are lucky to catch the 4,000 year old, two week Chithiari festival at the most important and unique, Meenakshi Temple, you will learn about the Tamil culture and traditions. The Chithirai festival re-enacts celestial wedding of Lord Sundareswara and Goddess Meenakshi, this event symbolises the coming together of higher and lower castes, uniting cultures and traditions. 

You can embrace the jungle feel by traveling down Kerala’s backwaters on an old rice barge. Sit back, and relax through a mystical maze of rivers, canals and lakes you will intertwine with palm trees and wildlife – keep an eye out for those Bengal Tigers! If you would rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can get tickets to an Indian Cricket match where you can be surrounded with an epic atmosphere and feel the ground shake with cheers of excitement. 

So come and join us, live like a Moghul King, come join us in a former royal palace and drink tea on the terrace! 


Self Love.

Self Love.

Self Love. This term has become more and more frequently used on social media, even more so in the last year during the COVID pandemic. But what does self-love really mean?  According to social media, it means face masks, bubble baths and boujee lighting. Don’t...

National Volunteers Week 8th – 12th February

National Volunteers Week 8th – 12th February

This week is National Volunteering Week – and now more than ever, people around the world are in need of emotional and mental support. Here at GLV, our team is busy helping out in their individual communities to spread the kindness and support we so desperately need in this pandemic.