Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has everything you could ever want, beaches, mountains, rainforests and the most beautiful temples. Sri Lankan’s are proud of their history, and have embraced life which is simple and filled with happiness, they appreciate the gift of nature around them and hold generational values in their hearts.

With history dating back 3000 years, the diverse architecture of Sri Lankan Temples show their ancient influence of Buddhism. Locations ranging from caves, big boulder rocks and there is even a temple in the middle of the sea! Being diverse in its residents, Christian Churches, Mosques and Hindu Temples are also to be seen.Communities are encompassed with incredible reflections of their beliefs can be found in their art, fashion and at times in their local cuisine.

Beaches in Sri Lanka are breathtaking, watching the sunset over the pure white sand and glittering blue sea is a must. In South Providence, you can watch turtles hatch and you can even witness Blue Whales and Dolphins surfing the waves. In Colombo, the Kite Festival fills the beach with incredible shapes and colours which brighten up the sky. If you are more of the mermaid type and want to explore in the ocean, there are always activities such as surfing, snorkeling and boating trips on offer. 

With nearly 4000 miles of WildLife Protected Areas and National Parks. It is truly incredible and rewarding to see some of the most endangered animals blossoming with life safely. There are also incredible and ethical charities in towns such as Kengale where you can stay within the elephant complex and assist with everyday duties such as feeding and giving them a good old scrub! This could well accommodate a visit to the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy – which is home to Buddah’s Tooth. 

If animals are not your thing, Sri Lanka has something for you too explorers! You could spend your weekend traveling by train from Kandy to Ella, this train journey is one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world! Being more inland, you will see a completely different side of Sri Lanka! You won’t believe your eyes at the vibrant green Tea Plantations which can be seen to the horizon and there is even a ‘Little England’ on route! Climb Sayria Rock and watch the beautiful sunrise, or if you fancy a hike, Adams Peak in Ella. The options in Sri Lanka are endless, there is truly something for everyone. 

So grab yourself a coconut and join us for your next adventure.


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Self Love.

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National Volunteers Week 8th – 12th February

National Volunteers Week 8th – 12th February

This week is National Volunteering Week – and now more than ever, people around the world are in need of emotional and mental support. Here at GLV, our team is busy helping out in their individual communities to spread the kindness and support we so desperately need in this pandemic.