What is the application process?

You complete an information pack which will be sent to you within 24 hours of your request. We will then contact you to see if you are interested and answer any questions you may have. 

You will then be allocated a time for an interview with one of our experts who will conduct a short get to know interview. This is both because we place you in the correct volunteering position and want to make sure the people we are allocating to placements are correct for our services and will not be at detriment to our vulnerable participants.   

Then depending on your interview outcome, we will offer you a position on one of our Volunteering Placements at which time if you choose to join, we will take your holding deposit and references.

What experience do I need to be a volunteer?

Our Global Mental Health Education program, in India you will need to experience, this placement is all about educating and finding one’s inner peace.

For our Teaching, SEN and Youth Work program is perfect for someone with no qualifications but work experience with Teaching, Special Needs or Adolescents. If you have experience in other areas, please do still get in touch as we always have side community projects on the go!

For our Practical Therapies Placement, you will need to be either in your final year of qualifying or registered with a professional body, this is due to the more hands on shared learning experience. 

Who will I be sharing my volunteering experience with?

People like yourself, people who have the power and drive to improve others lives. We keep our placement spaces small to ensure both the volunteers and the participants have the most beneficial and unique experience. 

We try to accommodate for all needs and requirements of the volunteers, and the team you are placed with will be introduced before your placement, we also attempt to do premet over video call with the local homestay family you will be staying with.

What does the life of a Volunteer look like?

Your days will vary depending on what is on your timetable. You will have planned timetables and workshops to attend, there is so much to being a Volunteer, for more information please request an information pack or alternatively contact us