Global Mental Health Educational Retreat


Our Global Mental Health Educational Retreat is truly one of a kind! We are all about Mental Health transforming into Mental Wealth and are so excited to invite you to attend our truly unique experience to engage your mind, body and soul in our retreat in India. 

Over two weeks you will learn more about yourself and the world around you than you can ever imagine with beautiful sounds, colors, and the wonderful culture in India. We have been lucky enough to partner up with many incredible and well-established organisations, in the southern part of India from mind blowing yoga ashrams to well known mental health clinical and academic institutes. And this experience is definitely a transformed one in between learning experience and a holiday. 

You will be invited to explore Ancient Eastern Psychological practices and engage with how it has influenced Mental Wellbeing in sessions such as Ayurveda, Mindfulness and Yoga. You can then put all of your learning into question due to Global Leading Volunteers’ exclusive group session with one of their top clinicians. In this session you will learn about India’s attitudes and approaches to mental health both clinically and culturally. This will be for a variety of experiences, including a very special and optional experience to hold a human brain! 

Once you have relined your Chakras, we want you to take another deep breath and explore India’s beautiful Mysore with us! We will personally show you the best places to experience Indian culture. We can offer nature reserves, ancient temple ruins, waterfalls or if that’s not your thing and you just fancy watching the world go by at a tea plantation, that’s cool too. There are incredible sunrise trails for the early risers, and breathtaking sunsets where you can put those new found meditation skills to use! 

This experience is truly a once in a life experience for anyone who would like to expand their horizons. 

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232/1B, 2nd floor Laksiri Building Waththegedara, Maharagama,
Sri Lanka