National Volunteering Week – 8th – 12th Feb


This week is National Volunteering Week – and now more than ever, people around the world are in need of emotional and mental support. Here at GLV, our team is busy helping out in their individual communities to spread the kindness and support we so desperately need in this pandemic.

Why is volunteering important?

Volunteering is an amazing opportunity for people as individuals, as well as communities as a whole. Through volunteering, you can boost the resources of your local community, whether that be helping out in numbers, skill sets, or mentality. Volunteering is a great way to help charities and NGOs that otherwise, might not have the funds to have full-time staff. By volunteering even 1 hour a week, you are helping people in need, and the charities that are so eagerly trying to provide services for them. On a more individual level, volunteering can hone skills, boost confidence and provide purpose for individuals. Many volunteers report a better sense of achievement after having taken time out to assist those that need it. It can also connect people, banishing loneliness and creating a fantastic opportunity to meet new people.

So what can you do to help? 

With COVID-19 still affecting communities, it is hard to know what you can and can’t do to help. Previously, our staff has volunteered in homeless shelters, in hospitals, in schools, in psychiatric wards, and anywhere else in their local communities that needed help. Now, with COVID-19 causing issues with close person contact – it has been a little more challenging. However, our team has bounced back, working with the Red Cross to deliver essentials to those in need, hosting online socials to help people boost their mental health and even undergoing more learning and training so as to better their skills through lockdown, ready to help in their communities in the future.

I want to volunteer in the future, how can I do it?

There are multiple opportunities to volunteer – both in your local communities and abroad. For now, travel is not essential, however, check out GLV’s website for future opportunities to volunteer in Asia.

In the meantime, there are countless opportunities at home. Check out your local red Cross, Rotarian Society, City council, or Facebook groups to find the best volunteering opportunities for you. This could be a socially distanced beach clean during your daily walk, shopping for the elderly and shielding in your town, signing up to an online group to help with social meetups over Zoom………the opportunities are many and widespread.

What are you doing in your community during lockdown? Email or find us on social media @glvolunteers to share your volunteering tips and tricks for this lockdown!