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SEN and Youth Work


From traveling and working with the local communities within Sri Lanka, we discovered the communities would really benefit support for their Special Needs sectors and one thing that was abundantly clear was the lack of people in employment due to not being able to speak or write English confidently. 

At Global Leading Volunteers, we aim to provide excellent support through our placements. On this placement you will be working with a small team of volunteers and through a number of projects this will uplift the communities. 

One of these projects is Teaching English. The aim is by the end of the year’s cohort, we will have educated local people to create CVs and the main outcome is to develop English speakers in communities, this will enhance their chances of finding employment. Using intuition and creativity, you will be supported to help a variety of learners through quality first teaching and differentiated approaches. You can transform someone’s life with this program, whilst boosting your own future prospects and career opportunities.  

Another one of these projects, is helping local organisations in running Special Educational Needs programs. Sri Lanka has come a long way in their approaches to those with SEN needs, however, there is a cry out for support. If you are qualified as a Healthcare Professional, please see our Practical Creative Therapies Program.  This placement is perfect for individuals who are looking to develop skills and understanding around physical, learning disabilities and mental health and how they can interlink.

Global Leading Volunteers, our Youth Work is based within the National Youth Service Council (NYSC). As a developing country, at times adolescents are subject to harsh environments which will have an impact on their Mental Health and Wellbeing. Working with the NYSC social education programs to improve confidence and turning mental health into mental wealth, meaning they can develop into an independent adult.

Not to forget! We want our volunteers to explore and find themselves during this placement, we also have extra curricular activities such as mindfulness, yoga and traditional dance. Alongside this we include an all-inclusive action packed weekend in the deep Jungle of Sri Lanka. This is where you really get to know your team.

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